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Your product has been made by skilled craftsmen using only quality materials.  Our high standards and care are seen in the durable beauty of this product.  The following suggestions will help you maintain the splendor and character of your marble or granite.


Preserve the luster of your marble by an occasional cleaning and waxing. Use only liquid, non abrasive cleaners. (i.e. Dow “Scrubbing Bubbles” or Lysol “Tub & Tile cleaner”) Apply a light coat of non-yellowing wax and polish with a soft cloth. (A self-polishing / self-cleaning automotive wax such as “Rain Dance” works well.) DO NOT WAX TUB OR SHOWER FLOORS. A good cleaning and waxing before the first use of your product will give the best long term results. Rewaxing is not necessary after every cleaning. Daily shower products such as “Clean Shower” also work very well and will extend the time between necessary cleanings. Wiping down the product with a soft towel or using a squeegee after every use will virtually eliminate the need for cleaning. Remove hard water and rust stains with a mild vinegar and water solution followed by polishing.

Certain chemical substances can seriously damage your marble if for more than brief periods of contact.

The reagents listed below should be avoided:

·  Comet, Ajax, Soft Scrub or other abrasives
·  Nail polish remover
·  Hydrogen Peroxide in any concentration
·  Clorox and other Hypochlorite solutions
·  Drano or other Lye solutions
·  Sani-Flush or other Sodium Bisulfate compounds
·  Paint strippers containing Methylene Chloride * Very harmful *


*Mold & Mildew - Diluted solution of "Clorox" or "Lysol".  NEVER USE PURE "CLOROX"

*Cigarette Stains - Bon Ami applied w/ a toothbrush, followed w/ polishing compound.

*Greasy Stains - Mineral spirits OR "Duro" - Tub & Sink Jelly.

*Shoe Polish - Polishing compound OR "Gel Gloss" rub briskly.


*Minor Surface Scratches - Buff using a fine polishing compound. (By hand or w/ power buffer)

*Deep Scratches or Burns - Sand lightly w/ wet 600 grit sandpaper in a circular motion; buff as above.

*Small Chips - Fill w/ clear fingernail polish then follow instructions for deep scratches.


*Minor Scratches/Stains - Rub out w/ a purple Scotch Bright Pad.

*Deeper Scratches - Sand lightly w/ 400 grit wet sandpaper & follow w/ Scotch Bright Pad.

For major repairs, please contact your Contractor or Distributor to obtain a quote on having one of New Visions’ skilled professionals service your product.